Application and care

Applying your labels

  1. Make sure the surface your applying your label to is clean. Warm soapy water is fine, ensure your surface is dry. For best results items at room temperature are best for applying on to. For glassware we suggest having warm water in the glass during application it helps the adhesive, be sure to empty it carefully making sure none runs over the label
  2. With an eftpos card or similar, on a hard-flat surface run it over the label carefully but firmly to ensure the label has been attached to the transfer tape (the clear part over your decal).
  3. Get your item ready and in place. Begin to slowly peel the transfer tape away from the backing, be careful to make sure each section is coming away on the transfer tape (if not, repeat step 2.)
  4. Line up the label with the item your applying it to. Once you are happy with the position, you can place it down starting in the middle. Firmly with the eftpos card/your fingers smooth it on to the surface, rubbing outwards then over smaller sections until it is all placed. Make sure there is no bubbles if there is rub them outwards till the air escapes.
  5. Give the label another good rub over. You can either leave it like this overnight to help the application a little more or you can remove the transfer tape.
  6. Grab one corner of the transfer tape and begin to peel it back on a slight angle. Work slowly to ensure each section of your label is correctly attached. If it is still attached to the transfer tape give that section a firm rub over with your thumb, then continue to peel the transfer tape away.
  7. Once attached give the label a firm step by step push down with your thumb making sure you do not drag your thumb along. Let your newly labelled item sit for 48- 72hours before use or cleaning.

Caring for your labelled products

  • Once the label is completely attached, your item is recommended as hand wash only
  • Do not pick or lift your decal
  • When cleaning keep the water at a ‘touchable heat' and pat dry then leaving to completely dry. Do not rub dry.
  • If your item encounters hot water just be mindful of the label and do not rub or push it as it can cause it to shift due to the adhesive being warmed.

Caring for you HTV garment

  • Do not dry clean. Heat Transfer Vinyl products should never be dry cleaned. The harsh temperature and chemicals that are used during dry clean just do not mix well with HTV. This typically is not something you have to worry about unless your items are work uniforms or something similar where they are often dry cleaned.
  • Wash and dry garments inside out. By turning the shirts, pillowcases, etc inside out, you are giving the vinyl a layer of protection during the wash. While washing and drying clothes, they are rubbing up against each other and that abrasion during washing can cause your vinyl to peel prematurely.
  • Choose cold or warm water temperature settings for the wash.When washing shirts that have HTV on them, you don’t want your water temperature to exceed approx 80 degrees. High temperatures can weaken the adhesive on the vinyl which can cause the vinyl to peel or crack.
  • Use mild detergent. Detergents that are “green” can be too harsh for the adhesive on HTV. You should also avoid bleach and fabric softeners in order to make the vinyl last as long as possible.
  • Drying. Just like when washing, you don’t want to dry your HTV items on high heat. It is recommended that you hang your HTV garments for best results. Due to the temperatures home dryers can reach it can melt the HTV adhesive causing attachment issues. Hang drying will minimize chances of this and also any wrinkles you may see in HTV after washing.
  • Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design. The high heat on the vinyl will melt the vinyl and or burn the adhesive. If you need to iron the item, make sure to use low heat and place a dish towel or cloth over the design to protect it

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