Pantry Custom Bundle | Organisation Labels


Sick of pulling everything out to find the one thing you need? We've all been there more times than we would like to admit so let us help you!


  • Each label is approx 2cm in height, length varies up to 14cm for the longest word
  • Labels will come all single line but you can cut "Brown Sugar" in half and stack them for placement 


  1. Select your font 
  2. Select your label colour
  3. Select the amount of labels via the options (this is the total amount required)
  4. In product requirements please list the labels you require. 
    No commas or dashes, Please use spaces between words
    e.g. Rice   Flour   Penne   Icing Sugar
  5. Check all you spelling etc as we copy your list for cutting
  6. Add to cart

                                PLEASE FILL IN THE BOXES BELOW

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